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Research Group Linstädter

Grassland Ecology & Grassland Management

The research of Anja Linsteadter's group focuses on the effects of climate change and land-use on grassland ecosystems. We are particularly interested in the interactive effects of land-use (grazing, mowing) and weather extremes on the functioning of African and European grasslands, and in consequences for ecosystem multifunctionality. Ultimately, our research aims at designing sustainable management strategies for grasslands.


Ongoing Research Projects

Future Carbon Storage  (project in the Collaborative Research Centre TRR 228)
South African Limpopo Landscapes Network (SALLnet)  
Global Change Experimental Facility (GCEF)
Ecology & management of the invasive species Senna obtusifolia  


Previous Research Projects

Click here for an overview on previous projects at the University of Cologne


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