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Mathias Becker

Mathias Becker
Tel. (0228) 73-4001, e-mail:





Miguel Alvarez

Vegetation ecology, Tel. (0228) 73-9625, e-mail:



Matthias Langensiepen
Modelling, Tel.: (0228) 73-2924, e-mail:


  Shyam Pariyar
  Crop shift, nutrient management and abiotic stress physiology
  Tel. (0228) 73-1678, e-mail:


PhD students

  • Ahmed Abdalla
    Transition towards sustainable wheat-based system (Egypt), e-mail:
  • Saher Ayyad
  • Kai Behn
    Vegetation ecology, Tel. (0228) 73-3335; e-mail:
  • Md. Amirul Islam
    Rice-based production system shift and nutrient management (Bangladesh)
    Tel. (0228) 73-1678, e-mail:
  • Jean-Martial Johnson
    Rice production systems, e-mail:
  • Julius Kwesiga
    Rice production systems,
  • Daisy Muthike Mutuku
    Invasive spread of Parthenium weed in the Rift Valley (Kenya), e.mail:
  • Ramadhan Othman
    Rice production systems, e-mail:
  • Bernice Sainepo
    Vegetation ecology, e-mail:


MSc students

  • Richelyn Rose Clavero
    Rice production systems shift (Philippines), email:
  • Jolibe Llide
    Rice performance under change in Rhizophere pH and N-fertilisation (Philippines), email:
  • Miracel Obeng
    Land use shift and tree species diversity (Ghana), e-mail:
  • Annkathrin Rosenbaum
    Rice performance under salinity levels (Spain), email:


Former members

  • Dr. Kristina Grotelüschen
    Rice production systems, e-mail:
  • Dr. Carlos Angulo
    Transformaton and cyling of nutrients, modeling