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M.Sc. Daniel Zinsmeister


Selected publications: 

Burkhardt J., Zinsmeister D., Grantz D.A., Vidic S., Sutton M.A., Hunsche M., Pariyar S. (2018): Camouflaged as 'degraded wax': hygroscopic aerosols contribute to leaf desiccation, tree mortality, and forest decline. Environmental Research Letters.

Grantz, D.A., Zinsmeister, D., Burkhardt, J. (2018): Ambient aerosol increases minimum leaf conductance and alters the aperture–flux relationship as stomata respond to vapor pressure deficit (VPD), New Phytologist, 219, 275-286.

Pariyar S., Chang S.-C., Zinsmeister D., Zhou H., Grantz D.A., Hunsche M., Burkhardt J. (2017): Xeromorphic traits help to maintain photosynthesis in the perhumid climate of a Taiwanese cloud forest. Oecologia, 184, 609-621.