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Dr. Nargis Parvin Laha

Selected publications:

D. Laha, N. Parvin, A. Hofer, R.F.H. Giehl, N. Fernandez-Rebollo, N. von Wirén, A. Saiardi, H. J. Jessen, G. Schaaf. (2019) Arabidopsis ITPK1 and ITPK2 Have an Evolutionarily Conserved Phytic Acid Kinase Activity. ACS Chemical Biology 14: 2127-2133.

E. Cutolo, N. Parvin, H. Ruge, N. Pirayesh, V. Roustan, W. Weckwerth, M. Teige, M. Grieco, V. Larosa, U. C. Vothknecht (2019) The High Light Response in Arabidopsis Requires the Calcium Sensor Protein CAS, a Target of STN7- and STN8-Mediated Phosphorylation. Front Plant Sci. 10: 974.

D. Blüher, D. Laha, S. Thieme, A. Hofer, L. Eschen-Lippold, A. Masch, G. Balcke, I. Pavlovic, O. Nagel, A. Schonsky, R. Hinkelmann, J. Wörner, N. Parvin, R. Greiner, S. Weber, A. Tissier, M. Schutkowski, J. Lee, H. J. Jessen, G. Schaaf, U. Bonas (2017) A 1-phytase type III effector interferes with plant hormone signaling. Nature Commun. 8: 2159. doi: 10.1038/s41467-017-02195-8.

N. Parvin, C. Carrie, I. Pabst, A. Läßer, D. Laha, M. Paul, P. Geigenberger, R. Heermann, K. Jung, U. C. Vothknecht, F. Chigri (2017) TOM9. 2 Is a calmodulin binding protein critical for TOM complex assembly but not for mitochondrial protein import in Arabidopsis thaliana. Molecular Plant 10: 575-589.

D. Laha*, N. Parvin*, M. Dynowski, P. Johnen, H. Mao, S.T. Bitters, N. Zheng, G. Schaaf (2016) Inositol polyphosphate binding specificity of the jasmonate receptor complex. Plant Physiol. 171: 2364-370.
(*equally contributing first authors)

A. G. Rocha, N. Mehlmer, S. Stael, A. Mair, N. Parvin, F. Chigri, M. Teige, U. C. Vothknecht. (2014) Phosphorylation of Arabidopsis transketolase at Ser428 provides a potential paradigm for the metabolic control of chloroplast carbon metabolism. Biochem J. 458:313-322.

 N. Mehlmer, N. Parvin, C. H. Hurst, M. R. Knight, M. Teige, U. C. Vothknecht. (2012) A toolset of aequorin expression vectors for in planta studies of subcellular calcium concentrations in Arabidopsis thaliana. J Exp Bot. 63:1751-1761.

 R. K. Kar, N. Parvin, D. Laha (2013) Differential role of ethylene and hydrogen peroxide in dark-induced stomatal closure. P. J. Biol. Sc. 16: 1991-1996.

D. Laha, N. Parvin, R. K. Kar (2009) Role of ethylene, hydrogen peroxide and calcium in stomatal opening of Commelina benghalensis. J. Theo. Exp. Biol. 5: 115-120.