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Dr. Thomas Eichert


selected Publications:

(Book chapters)
Eichert T, Fernández V (2012): Uptake and Release of Mineral Elements by Leaves and Other Aerial Plant Parts. In: Marschner’s Mineral Nutrition of Higher Plants, 3rd edition, Academic Press, pp. 71-84.

(Publications in peer-reviewed journals)

Dupuis J, Paulus S, Mahlein AK, Kuhlmann H, Eichert T (2015): The impact of different leaf surface tissues on active 3D laser triangulation measurements. PFG 2015 / 6, 0437–0447

Geilert S, Vogl J, Rosner M, Voerkelius S, Eichert T (2015): Boron isotope fractionation in bell pepper. Mass Spectrometry Open Access 1: 101. doi:10.4172/mso.1000101

Beuters P, Eichert T, Scherer HW (2014): Influence of pre-crop and root architecture on the mobilization of non-exchangeable NH4+. Plant, Soil and Environment 60: 372–378.

Paulus S, Eichert T, Goldbach HE, Kuhlmann H. (2014): Limits of active laser triangulation as an instrument for high precision plant imaging. Sensors 14: 2489-2509.

Fallahi E, Eichert T (2013): Principles and practices of foliar nutrients with an emphasis on nitrogen and calcium sprays in apple. HortTechnology 23: 542-547.

Wimmer MA, Eichert T (2013): Mechanisms for boron deficiency-mediated changes in plant water relations. Plant Science 203: 25-32.

Pariyar, S., Eichert, T., Goldbach, H.E., Hunsche, M., Burkhardt, J. (2013): The exclusion of ambient aerosols changes the water relations of sunflower (Helianthus annuus) and bean (Vicia faba) plants. Environmental and Experimental Botany, 88, 43-52.

Antonini S, Arias MA, Eichert T, Clemens J (2012): Greenhouse evaluation and environmental impact assessment of different urine-derived struvite fertilizers as phosphorus sources for plants. Chemosphere 89: 1202-1210. 

Antonini, S, Nguyen PT, Arnold U, Eichert T, Clemens J (2012): Solar thermal evaporation of human urine for nitrogen and phosphorus recovery in Vietnam. Science of the Total Environment 414: 592–599.

Will S, Eichert T, Fernández V, Müller T, Römheld V (2012): Boron foliar fertilization of soybean and lychee: Effects of side of application and formulation adjuvants. Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science, 175: 180-188.

Antonini S, Paris S, Eichert T, Clemens J (2011): Nitrogen and phosphorus recovery from human urine by struvite precipitation and air stripping in Vietnam. Clean – Soil, Air, Water, 39: 1099-1104.

Will S, Eichert T, Fernández V, Möhring J, Müller T, Römheld V (2011): Absorption and mobility of foliar-applied boron in soybean as affected by plant boron status and application as a polyol complex. Plant and Soil, 344: 283-293.

Eichert T, Goldbach HE (2010): Transpiration rate affects the mobility of foliarapplied
boron in Ricinus communis L. cv. Impala. Plant and Soil, 328: 165-174

Eichert T, Peguero-Pina JJ, Gil-Pelegrín E, Heredia A, Fernández V (2010): Effects
of iron chlorosis and iron resupply on leaf xylem architecture, water relations, gas
exchange and stomatal performance of field-grown peach (Prunus persica).
Physiologia Plantarum 138: 48-59

Fernández V, Eichert, T (2009): Uptake of hydrophilic solutes through plant leaves:
current state of knowledge and perspectives of foliar fertilization. Critical Reviews
in Plant Sciences 28: 36-68

Fernández V, Eichert T, Del Río V, López-Casado G, Heredia-Guerrero JA, Abadía
A, Heredia A, Abadía J (2008):
Leaf structural changes associated with iron
deficiency chlorosis in field-grown pear and peach: physiological implications.
Plant and Soil 311: 161–172

Eichert T, Kurtz A., Steiner U., Goldbach HE (2008): Size exclusion limits and
lateral heterogeneity of the stomatal foliar uptake pathway for aqueous solutes and
water-suspended nanoparticles. Physiologia Plantarum 134: 151–160

Eichert T, Goldbach HE (2008): Equivalent pore radii of hydrophilic foliar uptake
routes in stomatous and astomatous leaf surfaces – further evidence for a stomatal
pathway. Physiologia Plantarum 132: 491–502

Schulz M, Kussmann P, Knop M, Kriegs B, Gresens F, Eichert T, Ulbrich A, Marx F,
Fabricius H, Goldbach H, Noga G (2007):
Allelopathic monoterpenes interfere with
Arabidopsis thaliana cuticular waxes and enhance transpiration. Plant Signaling
and Behavior 2: 231-239

Solga A, Eichert T, Frahm JP (2006): Historical alteration in the nitrogen
concentration and N-15 natural abundance of mosses in Germany: Indication for
regionally varying changes in atmospheric nitrogen deposition within the last 140
years. Atmospheric Environment 40: 8044-8055

Eichert T, Burkhardt J (2001): Quantification of stomatal uptake of ionic solutes
using a new model system. Journal of Experimental Botany 52: 771-781.

Eichert T, Goldbach HE, Burkhardt J (1998): Evidence for the uptake of large anions
through stomatal pores. Botanica Acta 111: 461-466

(Other publications)
Eichert T, Kurtz A, Goldbach HE (2006): Investigations on the contribution of the
stomatal pathway to foliar uptake. Acta Horticulturae 721: 307-312.

Eichert T, Goldbach HE (2006): Ambient air humidity affects phloem mobility of
foliar-applied boron. Acta Horticulturae 700: 67-70

Eichert T, Kurtz A, Steiner U, Goldbach HE (2005): Relevance of the stomatal
uptake pathway for foliar-applied solutes. In: C.J. Li et al. (eds): Plant nutrition for
food security, human health and environmental protection. Tsinghua University
Press, Beijing, China, pp. 198-199

Eichert T, Burkhardt J, Goldbach HE (2002): Some factors controlling stomatal
uptake. Acta Horticulturae 594: 85-90

Eichert T (2001): Untersuchungen zur Aufnahme gelöster Stoffe durch Stomata.
Dissertation. Bonner Agrikulturchemische Reihe Bd. 8, University of Bonn,

Burkhardt J, Eichert T (2001): Stomatal uptake as an important factor in foliar
nutrition. In: WJ Horst et al. (eds): Plant nutrition – Food security and
sustainability of agro-ecosystems, Kluwer, NL. pp. 1046-1047

Burkhardt J, Dreitz S, Goldbach HE, Eichert T (1999): Stomatal uptake as an
important factor for foliar fertilization. In: O Suriyaphan et al. (eds): Proceedings
of the 2nd International Workshop in Foliar Fertilization, 4.-10.04.1999, Bangkok,
Thailand, pp. 63-72

Eichert T, Burkhardt J (1999): A novel model system for the assessment of foliar
fertilizer efficiency. In: O Suriyaphan et al. (eds): Proceedings of the 2nd
International Workshop in Foliar Fertilization, 4.-10.04.1999, Bangkok, Thailand,
pp. 41-54